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Black Sifichi


DJ, poet, photographer, writer, performer, and all-around multimedia-maniac, Black Sifichi is renowned for his poetic rants as well as his radio programs on Nova, Aligre FM, L’Écho des Garrigues, and RTF. In 2002, the magazine Epok noted that, upon his arrival in Paris in the late 1980s, he instantly emerged as a leader of its cultural underground. He has recently collaborated with such artists as Norscq, UHT, Ezekiel, Lena, Black Dog, and Tempsion Brain Damage.




Roma and I drive out of Paris
To go on a vacation.
Inside the atmosphere is fantastic
Inside the atmosphere is fantastic.

Kick Kick Kick …

Baker’s wife is doing a full on stage show
Singing into a microphone
Traipsing all around the place
Like she’s in a Broadway show.

She’s 40.
Got long black, grey hair.

She’s spinning around black
She’s spinning around grey
She’s spinning around black
She’s spinning around grey

And the rats and the laboratories
and the animals.

And one of the sides of the court has been vandalized.
The hoop removed.
Make a couple of great shots
Which impresses the French guys.

These French fellows.

But I forgot about the animals outside.
The rats.
The rats.
I forgot about the animals outside !

And one of the rats is basically physically paralyzed
He wheezes like a pig when he’s put in the fresh cool air.

Pot a boiling water.
Pot a boiling water was stuck in the car.
To make him sterile.