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Sam Clayton Jr


Sam Clayton Jr, as sound engineer nonpareil and regular collaborator with Toots & the Maytals, Steel Pulse, the Skatalites or the Mystic Revelation of Rastafari, is the essence of the Jamaican “scientist”. His many recent activities — radio, remixes, writings — reveal that he has eclipsed the limitations of being a mere technician, and has emerged as a multi-disciplined artist, defined by his spontaneity. He has lived in France for the past few years.




all right, mek mi start da tune yah an see wah a gwaan. Press da likkle start button yah an da likkle record button yah. Ole on… It start already ? sound like it start already. A so it start ? Rahtid it start mek me hear how da riddim yah.
A go develope an thing. A wonder weh mi ago do pon dis ? Maybe mi caan sing summing, but mi caan sing, so mi haffi fine somthing else fi do. Wonder if mi coulda play a ketch po it ? A likkle tsh-um-peng ? But it done have a tush-um-peng a gwaan aready. Maybe im shoulda listen some more an see how it ago develope. Di riddim soun tight, an the snare soun nice. Di one raf play nice pon it. If mi coulda play some keyboard mi woulda put in a bang and a shuffle right so. Di riddim mek me waan dance, but nobody caan see me a dance pon di record.
Hear the break yah,… hear di piano deh a di right place to. Di riddim suppose to soon come back… Now… yah so. Maybe mi coulda DJ someting pon dis, but mi a no no DJ. A wonder if dem woulda like a likkle sound system vibe like… all crew, all massive, rope in ! Maybe mi coulda sing something, but mi caan sing no baby, i love you pon dis. The riddim too roots fi dat. Mi need fi listen some more. Dis suppose fi punch a hole inna yu chess when yu hear it pon a big soun? Wicked tune martin & raf…… Rahtid it done ?… It done to rahtid.