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Ted Milton


Ted Milton has, since the early 1980s, been the lead singer of Blurt, the legendary no-wave, post-punk band. His basic methods have not changed much: he belches, howls, and rants his absurdist poetry, which is all interspersed with his improvisational saxophone solos. Milton assumes a stance, then dances wildly around it. He is an inscrutable presence. Milton — is he crazy or is it all just part of the strategy? Whatever the case may be, no matter what the current fashion or sonic style, he remains, imperturbable and loyal to the cause.



Pure scenario

I'm in Deptford -
Its still Pure Scenario -
The tide's gone out in the creek-
And the paste diamonds are glinting on his cheek -
Her tearful fearful crocodile
Is feigning sleep!
He'd sashay for you my sweet!
And the Half Moon's shrinking
Thinking about the Full Moon's capers,
And the Tennants Association's vapours -
What once passed for,
And what once was
So dearly longed for:
That shell -
When you put it to your ear -
It knells...
I'm in Deptford,
Within earshot
Of all our own
Private hells...