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Suzanne Thoma


This austrian-canadian vidéaste and graphic designer has developed a very eclectic musical resumé over the past 10 years. As a singer-composer she has collaborated with groups such as Elgam, Lab°,Nolderise, and M83. For these past 10 she has also been actively involved in the duo Octet for which she composes, produces, and sings. Octet's last remix was "Girl" produced for Beck. Her organic and sensual approach is also evident on her numerous electronic compositions for various contemporary video works such as "Macula" Henri Foucault (Biennale de Venice), "Mon père au Vietnam" Suzanne Thoma (Musée du Jeu de Paume, Paris), and "From Dirt to Dust" Suzanne Thoma (Conservatoire Georges Bizet, Paris).




-"Possession withers everything,
That was very difficult during adolescence.
The mother was Buddhist
and the father found everything to be easy."
-"You have to be very indulgent,
Nobody is safe from mistakes."

-"And these people have power?"
-"It's totally logical so it's limited"
-"You have to admit the principle!"
-"What do we do?"
-"Since we're here, let's go."

-"I feel like vomiting every time I see them."
-"Good start. That's perfect."
-"But I've got a problem.
She is very beautiful,
Then later she said...."
-"What have you seen?"

-"Sometimes he would sit down.
But that day.... I didn't do a thing.
Between Chris and I , it didn't fit in the story.
It's awkward and it's often the case,
it's a way to gain space.
It's awful isn't?"
-"I'm listening"
-"It's about a conversation"
-"And if it's obscure?"
-"It's about a conversation"