Home Brain Damage - Spoken Dub Manifesto Booklet

Giovanni "Subtitle" Marks


Giovanni Marks is, among other things, one-half of the duo Labwaste, an offshoot of the West Coast Workforce and Project Blowed. He is known for his fleeting, industrious hyper-productivity, who’s evolution is interesting to watch but difficult to keep up with. He is a great fan of Sonic Youth, Company Flow, and Autechre but his music is actually quite different. He is influenced by a flood of contradictory tendencies and the adopted rap style of “Project Blowdian” is noisy, aggressive, synthetic and terribly unique




A partitioned life - too too far to go live with strife – so you elect
to live – with a new wife –
And a bag of glue and a baby blue knife – you move to the suburbs – and
don't smoke herb – you get nervous when you hear a new type of idea –
surface – it's not worthless – you can't observe this – command or serve
this – try to manage – to stay conscious -prior to brain damage –
all out the frame – five levels later – all out the game – sitting back
on the bench – it's never a cinch – to escape in a pinch – you'll
get caught after trying to manuever one inch – hole in my heart –
never too cold – when i roll into start – and i let time fold –
calculator rhyme – fiction diction – on this inscription – listen
listen – to get ambition on this rendition – it's the version – cut
into the beat like a surgeon – whenever – terror's emerging – it's a
potential – explosive like detergent – sabotuer – to a residential – add
two parts manure – one part pure nitrogen – then go take cover – all of
the smoke may try to smother – and that's no joke – professional clock
and dagger -tactics – and that's no joke – collapse all boundaries –
with the raps – and the beats resounding – and that's a fact